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Introduction: Summer Resort Golf


First Golf at Kingsmere

Second Golf at Kingsmere

Third Golf at Kingsmere

Fourth Golf at Kingsmere: The Links of Kingsmere Lodge

Kirk’s Ferry Guest Golf

Farm Point Golf

Laying Out a Golf course 1903-1912

The Nature of the Early 1900s Golf Course

Farm Point and Kingsmere Links

Farm Point Resorts

The Farm Point Hotel

The Father of Farm Point Golf, Jack Cox

The Mother of Farm Point Golf, Bertha (Hamilton) Cox

Managing Things at Lnwarn Lodge?

The Golf Links of Lnwarn Lodge

Summer Cecil Again and Cox Cottage

Lnwarn Lodge II, Its Links, and Bermuda’s Allan P. Thompson

From Farm Point to Wawa and Royal Muskoka

Old Names Again, and Still No More Golf

Lenwarn Golf Course

Lnwarn Lodge III

Rewarding Recovery of Mr. Cox

Tenaga Golf I: The Horwoods’ Links

Tenaga Golf II: The Clubhouse Links

The North Wakefield Golf Links

The Blue Sea Golf Club

Larrimac, Lawrence Edmund McCooey, and Royal North Devon

The Larrimac Layout of 1924

The 1924 Scorecard’s Bogey and Par

Larrimac’s 18-hole Links of 1925

Dammed Larrimac in 1928

The Meach Lake Might-Have-Been




The cover photograph for this book, Gatineau Valley Golf Courses, 1903 – 1933, shows Anson Green about to strike a tee shot at the Larrimac Golf Club in 1930, seven years after the first golf shot was struck on these golf grounds. It turns out that today the golf course of the Larrimac Golf and Tennis Club is the last survivor of at least sixteen golf courses laid out in the Gatineau Valley between 1903 and 1933.


There were four different golf courses laid out at Kingsmere between 1903 and the 1920s.


There was a golf course laid out at Kirk’s Ferry in the summer of 1911.


There were three different nine-hole layouts at Farm Point between 1912 and 1921.


At Tenaga, there were two different layouts in play between 1914 and 1930.


North Wakefield had its own golf course in the summer of 1916.


Royal Ottawa golf professional Karl Keffer laid out a nine-hole course at Blue Sea Lake in 1921.


At Larrimac, there were three different layouts between 1923 and 1928, including an 18-hole golf course.


There was also a nine-hole golf course at Gleneagle that opened in 1933 and lasted about 25 years.


And there was very nearly a spectacular 18-hole golf course built at Meach Lake in 1931.


Who knew?

Introduction: Summer Resort Golf


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